Why Fall is the Best Time to Make the Move in Kansas City

Of course you can choose to move in Kansas City during any season of the year, but there are a few reasons why the fall season is best.  Many KC homeowners sell their homes during the spring months, when everything is fresh and new.  So, why is fall such a good time to consider moving?
First of all, you can avoid scheduling your move during the busiest time of year.  Many homeowners move during the spring and summer seasons (between May and September), so you can schedule your move when residential movers aren’t so busy, making it less stressful. 
Severe weather season has calmed down.  Those who live in the Midwest know that spring and summer months can bring about severe weather, whether threats of thunderstorms, flash flooding, or even tornadoes.  The fall season is typically calmer, so you can move your household belongings without the worry of severe storms – or even the snow, sleet, and ice Kansas City winters can bring for that matter.
It’s the best time for moving in terms of weather.  Who doesn’t love the crisp, cool, fresh air of autumn?  While your moving company will take care of moving all of the “big stuff,” it’s still likely you’ll be moving those breakable or valuable items in your vehicle.  Moving items that are bulky or heavy is a lot easier during the fall season, rather than during summer months when it takes nothing more than going outdoors to be dripping in sweat.
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