Moving in Kansas City? Items You May Not Want to Pack

At Metro Wide Movers, we understand that moving is stressful, one of the most hectic times in your life. While our Kansas City residential movers are happy to help you pack up your belongings, there are some things you will want to take with you in your vehicle regardless of the distance of the move. We have provided a list below to help you sort out those things that should be packed and those that should not, saving you time and frustration when moving in Kansas City.

Live plants and greenery. Many homeowners have a houseful of plants that add to the decor and improve air quality. You may want to take your plants with you in your car, because of their delicate nature.

Food items that are perishable. Ice cream, fresh meat, eggs, and other perishable food items typically stored in the refrigerator or freezer may not fare so well in a moving truck, particularly if the move is a considerable distance. Should there be an unexpected delay (traffic accident, for example) these foods can spoil – and the smell and mess is something you don’t want to experience, not to mention the cost of lost food! Consider packing these items in coolers or ice chests and taking them with you.

Firearms and other “dangerous” items. Kansas City residential moving companies are hesitant to move firearms and other items that may be flammable, poisonous, or explosive. For instance, it is illegal for a moving company to transport paint thinners, oxygen bottles, or chemicals that may be corrosive or poisonous.

Family photos. While we are happy to move your family photos if you choose to do so, many people cherish old photos and may have them in glassed frames or collages. If you have a few photos that are near and dear to your heart, you may want to keep them with you.

Prescription medications. It’s easy to understand why you may not want to pack up your family’s prescription meds and have them loaded onto a big moving truck. Getting to a specific box on a van that is packed with all of your belongings isn’t easy, and you may need your medication quickly. Keep these with you for easy access.

Glass jars, candles, etc. Whether you have empty glass jars used for canning foods, candles, or prepared foods that come in glass jars such as pickles, mushrooms, and spaghetti sauce, you may want to consider wrapping each item and transporting them in your car. Not only do glass jars break easily, unloading a box containing broken glass from a moving truck could be hazardous to movers.

We want you to be fully prepared for the move, so that when the time comes to load up and head to your new home, you can enjoy peace of mind and less stress. Have questions about the move? Call the Kansas City residential movers at Metro Wide, we’re here to help.