Single Parent in Kansas City Who’s Moving?  Helpful Tips

Single Parent in Kansas City Who’s Moving?  Helpful Tips

 Unfortunately, there are lots of single parents today not only in KC, but across the country.  Moving to a new home is difficult enough, without having to corral the children and figure out what to do while you’re in the process.  As trusted Kansas City residential movers, we have a few tips we think single parents will find helpful. 

First, make sure you plan ahead.  Whether you need grandparents or a babysitter to watch the kids while the majority of the moving is done, know ahead of time what’s going on.  Planning your move will be a lot easier when you know how the kids will be taken care of or occupied.

 Depending on their ages, let them be involved in the process.  Letting the kids participate can be helpful in adjusting to the move, and they’ll also feel that they’re needed and important.

 Be familiar with your soon-to-be neighborhood.  Are there parks and activities in the area that are kid-friendly?  You can research on the Internet to find places and activities your children will love.  It’s also a good idea to make a trip to the community prior to your move, so your kids will look forward to your new home before you arrive.

 Don’t be shy about asking for help!  Whether from family members, friends, or neighbors most people you know well will be happy to help out.  This applies not only to watching the kids, but helping with packing or other tasks.  When you’re a single parent, you need all the help you can get! 

At Metrowide Movers, our Kansas City residential movers are dedicated to helping make your move as easy as possible.  Our knowledgeable office staff is eager to help.  Learn more about our moving services by contacting us at 816-350-2000.