Save Money and Time with these Moving Tips

Moving to or From the Kansas City Area?  Save Money & Time with These Tips
It’s exciting when you’re moving to a new home, but it can also be more expensive than you think – and time consuming!  While it’s important to hire a KC residential mover to save money and time, there are some other things you can do to make it all simpler and less costly.
First, if you have small children you may want to reconsider taking the swing set along.  Most likely it will be cheaper to buy a new one than move the old one!
Instead of putting clothes and linens in boxes, kill two birds with one stone by putting these items in drawers.  Most people remove the drawers from chests and dressers to make moving the bulky furniture lighter and easier, so why not use the drawer space to “pack” other (unbreakable) items in?  If it helps to remove the drawers, the movers can do it.
Have all electronics unplugged and keep the cords with you.  You may need to mark the different wires so you know where to plug them back in.  Don’t pay for movers time trying to figure this out.  This will reduce time and save money.
Pack liquid items separately.  Nothing’s more frustrating than finding dishwashing liquid, hair conditioner, cooking oil, or another liquid has leaked and gotten all over the other items in the carton you packed along with it.  To ensure none of your clothing or other possessions get ruined pack all liquids in zip-lock bags before standing them upright in the box or container you intend to move them in. 
Donate to charity.  Have clothing or other items around the house you haven’t worn or used in a blue moon?  Donate them to a charitable organization and enjoy the tax deduction.  Why go to the time and trouble of packing up and moving things you no longer use? Feel good about yourself and save money.
Hopefully these tips will help cut costs and time as you’re moving to or from the Kansas City area.  To ensure your move goes smoothly, trust the pros at Metrowide Movers!