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‘Kicking it to the Curb’ Declutter Before You Move in Kansas City

Many people find it the perfect time to declutter their homes before they make a move in Kansas City.  Perhaps you’re tired of the decor, the sofa has seen better days, or your mattress is doing nothing but giving you sleepless nights.  Whatever it is, why take it with you?  Our KC residential movers have a few tips to help make the move easier, while getting rid of the ‘stuff’ that will only clutter up your new residence.
First, kick those items others may need or use to the curb.  Whether it’s a pedestal fan, couch, large area rug, or something else you no longer want but someone else could use, take it to the curb!  You’d be surprised at the things you consider junk or old/worn out that other people will pick up from the side of the road.
If your furniture is still in relatively good condition but you want to buy all new upon moving into your new home, put it up for sale.  Whether on Craigslist, local ads, social media, or the newspaper let everyone know your furniture is for sale. Be sure to include its features and condition, and be honest about any imperfections.  A great way to declutter while making a little extra money!
Don’t forget those in need.  Lots of people could use furnishings, clothing, and other items they don’t have the budget for but would appreciate.  Consider donating things that are in relatively good condition but that you’d prefer not to take with you to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, where those who have financial difficulties could benefit from your unwanted items.  You can help people while you declutter your home.
At Metrowide Movers, we want to make the move in Kansas City as seamless as possible.  Whether you’re moving to or from the Kansas City metro area let us help you.  We offer free moving quotes, so give us a call today at 816-350-2000!