Tips for Moving with Pets for Kansas City Homeowners

Tips for Moving with Pets for Kansas City Homeowners
Anyone who’s moved in the Kansas City area (or anywhere else, for that matter) knows how stressful it can be.  If you have pets, it’s important to know it can be stressful on them as well!  As trusted KC movers, we have a few tips to help make moving with pets a bit easier on all involved.
  • First, if you can make arrangements to leave your pet with a friend, family member, or a kennel for a day or two.  This helps reduce the stress on your pet – and you don’t have to try to keep up with where he/she is.
  • Prepare an overnight kit complete with everything you’ll need when you first arrive at your new home.  Nothing’s more frustrating than trying to figure out what box Fido’s food, toys, and grooming tools are in!
  • Once you’ve got the majority of your belongings moved, transport your pet in your own vehicle.  Place your dog or cat in a carrier and consider covering it to help keep your pet calm.  If your pet is already used to riding in your car, you shouldn’t have any problems.
  • After you arrive at your new home and have most of your belongings put in place, confine your pet to one area for a couple of days.  This makes the process of adjusting to new surroundings easier, and just like people, pets need to become familiar with a new environment.  Gradually introduce your pet to other areas of the new house.
  • Be sure to give your pet plenty of attention and try to make him feel at home.  Give your dog/cat favorite play toys, food and water, a favorite blanket, all the things that made your pet comfortable at your former home.
As trusted Kansas City residential movers, we know many families have pets they consider family members.  We love our pets, and want to help make the move as easy as possible!  For more tips or help with your KC area move, give the pros at Metrowide Movers a call today at 816-350-2000 or visit us online at


Looking to adopt a pet in Kansas City, here is a link to a great organization Kansas City Pet Project in KCMO.

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