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Is your moving day looming on the horizon and causing you stress? Are you in desperate need of local moving services but find no moving company has what you need? 

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About Metro Wide Movers, The Best Full-Service Local Moving Company

Before choosing Metro Wide Movers for your local moving needs, learn a little about us and why you can trust our moving services. 

Metro Wide Moving has been in the moving industry for almost two decades. And we’ve enjoyed every second of it. We have a big pool of customers that feel like family, and our movers are trusted members who stay with us for years. 

We’ve handled all types of moves, from commercial to long-distance to single-item moving, and we’ve mastered our techniques with every project. It isn’t an empty promise when we say we’re the best. 

In fact, Metro Wide Movers has been the highest-voted moving company in Kansas City for over 15 years! And it’s because of our exceptional movers and amazing customers that we’ve been able to hold onto such a coveted title. 

Metro Wide Movers hits the sweet spot between friendly service and calm professionalism. Nothing matters more than making sure your local move is safe and swift. 

What Is Our Secret To Local Moving Success?

Local moving is the little sister of long-distance moving. It usually covers a small radius and finishes in a few hours. To most, it’s the most straightforward moving job to complete.

And we agree: it is easy. But it’s only simple when you’ve made preparations. 

Metro Wide Moving’s secret to local moving success is planning. Whether moving a small or large load across the city or from one apartment to another, planning is the difference between the easiest or worst move of your life. 

Besides organizing the move down to the smallest detail, the ace up our sleeve is experience and knowledge of the local landscape. 

Whatever and wherever you’re moving, we’ll prepare. We look at the local neighborhoods and find safe parking spaces for loading and unloading. 

If you live in an apartment or are moving to one, we’ll plan the move around the available entrance and stair access. 

If you need to move across the street or town, we’ll plan for things that might slow the move down or cause damage to your property. 

Metro Wide Moving will be prepared no matter your local moving needs.